Electric Solar Panels Installed on A Roof In Montana

FAQs about Solar Power

Is Solar Affordable?

Yes, our average Solar System costs $2.75/watt compared to a natural gas plant that costs ~$2.80/watt.

Solar Panels In Butte Montana during winter

What is the average size system and cost?

The average size system we install is 16 solar panels and costs $13,600 before tax credits.

Does Solar work in Missoula?

Yes, we call this Sun Hours per day. Missoula gets 4.4 Sun Hours per day. For comparisons: LA 5.5, Seattle 3.57, NYC 4.1, Hawaii 6.

Solar Panel Array in Missoula

Does Solar work in the rain?

Yes, amazingly we commonly see a 25% output during light rain. This can be viewed in real time with our free online monitoring.

Does Solar work in the snow?

Not until the sun comes out and melts the snow. On flatter roofs we lose more winter sun due to snow, but we gain more summer sun.

What is the average size solar panel?

The average solar panel is physically 40" wide by 65" tall and has a power rating of 320 watts +/-.

Solar Panel Off Grid System In Montana

Is wind an option?

Currently small scale wind has not developed into a feasible option. Western Montana does not have enough wind.

Can I have battery backup?

Yes, finally battery technology is rapidly improving and becoming more affordable. Tesla, Panasonic and Enphase make great battery systems.

Solar panels being installed by an apprentice