12 Panel Solar Array on roof in Missoula, Montana

Ammons Residence

Target Range District Missoula, Montana. Installed: November 2011.

Michael - I’d love to write a testimonial. How long should it be? What are your priorities for content; ROI, speed and hassle free install, quality, cost/grant $, power bill savings, local company, oversight after install, maintenance, US-made cells??? I could write a pretty good piece, I think, having talked with about 10 people, 3-5 of whom I sent your info to who are serious business people and will get info then buy. I want to do something truthful and effective for you but not waste my time either. I also want to talk with you about monies, strategy for installing more panels. Does it make sense to do another bigger install or one panel/inverter per year?

— Bruce Ammons

Installation Details:

This is a 12 Panel, 2.82KW Grid Tie Solar System with American made panels and real time online monitoring. This system was partially paid for with NorthWestern Energy USB rebate funds.