Residential solar panels

Brown Residences II

Missoula, Montana. Installed: March 2011.

I'm excited about my new solar system, and find I'm fielding lots of questions from interested and curious friends and neighbors! I learned, thanks to you, that a person on a modest income could afford solar. You provided me with information about the Northwest Energy grant, the low-interest loan, and the tax incentives. Your knowledge and help got me through the loan application process, and your relationship with Montana state officials helped "grease the wheels" from start to finish. You have made the installation easy, provided help and information, even going beyond my expectations by helping with small things such as my shorted-out light fixture. You've replaced attic insulation that got stepped on, were considerate about protecting my carpeting during trips to the attic, and generally did an excellent job of cleaning up after yourself. And throughout the process, your upbeat, positive attitude, and your knowledge and expertise made working with you a pleasure. Thank you very much.

— Claudia Brown

Installation Details:

8 Panel Grid Tie Solar System, 1.84KW nameplate rating. This system has produce over 20 Megawatt Hours worth of electricity.