Solar Panels

Cox Residence

Pattee Canyon area Missoula, Montana. Installed: April 2019.

Mike was amazingly easy to work with. He helped with the DEQ loan process, did all the work with zero disruption to the household and even swept the garage floor when he was done (I assume insulation trickled from the attic). Four thumbs up from this household.

— Theresa Cox

Installation Details:

This was a special project for Big Sky Solar. Meeting this family led to a lot of fun because Big Sky Solar got to help expand the great Dragon Hollow Playground. Theresa has been a key figure with this amazing playground and the Caras Park Carousel. Thanks Theresa for the opportunity and we hope you love your 15 LG Solar Panels with built in Enphase Micro Inverters. Of course, as always this came with lifetime online monitoring for each solar panel.