Solar Panel Condo

Brookside Condos

Brookside Condos Missoula, Montana. Installed: August 2012.

Big Sky Solar installed our solar panels with microprocessors under each in July of 2012 on our townhome half way up the Rattlesnake in Missoula. He explained everything VERY well, more than answered all our questions, used top products, not going cheapest. Mike and his crew quickly installed the panels VERY well, doing all the extras many wouldn't. Since then we have been totally satisfied with our solar panels. When one microprocessor failed, he was here pronto and replaced it under warranty. Also, the online computer program to follow production has been so detailed I do not see how it could be any better, and yet we just got email the company whose product we used now also has a battery storage systems coming online, and upgraded computer processors. We should also mention that we have several good friend who had Mike & his Big Sky Solar install their panels and also speak just as highly of them! You can't do better! We are John Garrity & Jean Thorstenson, a 72 & 73 yr old couple!

— John

Installation Details:

10 Solar Panels with Enphase. Had to work with homeowners association and get special permission, all black on black panels. Produced over 21 megawatt hours.

Solar Panel Condo