Pole Mounted Solar Panels

Pole Mount Panels

Seeley Lake, Montana. Installed: December 2015.

Big Sky Solar installed a 12-panel, pole-mounted solar PV system for me in 2015. Since then the panels have generated a total of 14 metawatt hours of electricity. Even though I use electric heating, I have no electricity charges for several months of the year from my summer feed-in credits. I can monitor my generation, and get an email every month telling me how much I have generated. The installation was professional and went smoothly. Big Sky is easy to work with, monitors my system, and maintains full documentation on my behalf. So far no need whatsoever for service. The system just works. Highly recommended. Rose Lockwood Seeley Lake

— Rose

Installation Details:

12 Panel Pole mount with Canadian Solar panels and enphase micro inverters. Over 14MWH of electricity

Pole Mounted Solar Panels In Montana's Winter